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these are raw notes. the 'notables' are what I likely order each time I go to the posted establishment. if there is a website, I link to it for more information [and for your convenience].

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jerusalem falafel

Jerusalem Falafel is the number one, if not the only, choice for middle eastern cuisine in CM. The menu has mediterranean and european dishes, but it's the warm [and well-seasoned] pita, hearty falafel, and yummy hummous that keeps me going back. Prices are somewhat reasonable and the service fairly quick.
The restaurant is on Moon Muang Road, on the inner side the moat and a short walk from Thapae Gate. Set among some sketchy bars with neon lights, a 7-11, and motorbike rental, this area is explicitly the tourist part of town. Once inside the restaurant, the warm atmosphere helps to forget about the possible debauchery going on outside.


notables | meze platter - hummous, baba ghanoush, tzatziki, tahini, tabbouleh, falafel + 2 pitas [the menu says good for 2 people, but 3 could indulge and leave full without bursting]. haloumi cheese salad [I love this cheese!].

so so | dolmas.

note | Jerusalem Falafel also sells their goods at Rimping Supermarket - hummous, pita, falafel, haloumi cheese - all ready to eat.

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Keely said...

all i did was open your blog, took one look at the photos, and immediately got hungry. a clear sign that you're doing a really good job, man.