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joma bakery cafe

Although it is in Laos, as a Chiang Mai epicurean, I had to post about JoMa.

For anyone venturing to Laos, JoMa is a must. And lucky for you, there are branches in both Luang Prabang and Vientiane. The fare and decor are chic European-esque, hence it's popularity among local expats, businessfolk, and tourists.
The pastry selection is impressive: chocolate, apple, and almond croissants, quiches, a plethora of pies, squares and tarts, plus fresh baked breads [focaccia, bagels, whole grain baguettes]. If JoMa were in CM, I would sip a cup of Jo every weekend. Everything I tried, I loved. Everything I bought as edible gifts [for friends, colleagues, me], was immediately devoured.


notables | chicken focaccia sandwich. iced latte. bagel egger, minus mayo plus mustard, on a multigrain bagel [add some tabasco sauce at the table for a little pizazz].

notables to go | snowball cookies. chocolate chip cookies. oatmeal raisin cookies. banana loaf. fresh-baked focaccia.

note | I will venture to say that anything at JoMa is notable, I just didn't have the chance to try it all.

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David said...

those cookies were so good...