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these are raw notes. the 'notables' are what I likely order each time I go to the posted establishment. if there is a website, I link to it for more information [and for your convenience].

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el diablo

The very fact that El Diablo provides free, fresh tortilla chips & salsa is excuse enough to check out this joint. ED is located next to Mike's Burger [on the east side of the moat] and is a welcome addition to the Chiang Mai tex-mex scene.
The salsa is a little too ketchupy, but the guacamole has much improved since this was first posted. The burritos are tasty and HUGE. They certainly stuff them to the max. The quesadillas are also quite hefty. All items, in my opinion, are definitely share-worthy, which makes this place a decent deal for the wallet. And their homemade tortilla chips in a bottomless basket? Ah, so worth the visit. A friend also told me you can buy a bag of the chips at 50 baht for homemade nacho creations. At that price, I'll take 2 bags.


notables | nachos supreme with chorizo. pork and green chili burrito.



* Sad to say, during my cyber absence, Ridgley's has since closed down with no word on reopening. But that baked spinach cheese dip will forever live on in the memory of my palate. This post remains in honour of you! *

Since I started living abroad [about five years ago], I've had a number of cravings for a rich, creamy, cheesy spinach [or spinach and artichoke] dip. Served in a pumpernickel bread bowl or with with warm, toasted pita and tortilla chips...talk about comfort food. But, living in Asia, this appetizer simply doesn't exist among a plethora of noodle and rice dishes.
Now, at Ridgley's, I've discovered a fantastic spinach cheese dip not too far from where I work. Yes! Cravings: satisfied. The dip even converted a meat- loving, British colleague with an aversion to anything "vegetable" [especially "green vegetable" - the horror]. It's that gooood.
The menu is packed with hearty options [chili, ribs, burgers], so check it out the next time you're hit with a mean craving for western dining fare. Another plus, the atmosphere is friendly and warm, and completely void of the kitschy wall signs or gimmicky chain trademarks ["you can throw peanut shells on the floor!" "You can draw on the chart paper/table mat with the greasy, blunt crayons on the table!"] of restaurant chains back home.
Ridgley's, welcome to the neighbourhood!


notables | baked spinach cheese dip served with fresh diced tomatoes and warm flatbread. the pizzas: meat lovers, italian, sweet & spicy BBQ, or make your own [with alternative options of alfredo or bbq sauces]. the desserts [if you have room].

location | on the road to Doi Saket, drive past the outer ring road. There is a market on the left and just past it, turn left on the diagonal road. Pass a temple, some food stalls, a vegetarian food stall, and Ridgley's will be on your left [yes, these directions are serious].
tel. 053.490.846