a bare bones approach to a city dining guide

1 | navigate below by cuisine, location, establishment type, or price range.
2 | get out there and enjoy.

these are raw notes. the 'notables' are what I likely order each time I go to the posted establishment. if there is a website, I link to it for more information [and for your convenience].

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...and we're back

Hello CMers -
I was on an extended hiatus due to a broken camera [I will never buy a touch-screen camera again. With my butter fingers and tendency to drop electronics, the ol' Sony became touch-less]. But good news: I am now equipped with a new kickass Canon S90. So it's back to the streets of hedonism and revival of the CM epicurean! Stay tuned...


suffer said...

new camera, new life! the food places here are yummy. eh eh

DelilahDream said...

I'm hungry!!!!!!!

szephing said...

Me too! It's time to get back to our food-obsessed excursions. "We just drove 2 hours to a waterfall. Who cares about the waterfall, I just want to eat gai yang!"

Som, we have to get together eat sooooon!

West Gone East said...

I have an S90 too and it is fantastic!

Foodhism = Transcendental Mastication